#TexasTech was trending on Twitter this weekend after Tech pulverized West Virginia for their Homecoming football game on Saturday. The Red Raiders had a badly needed successful afternoon and ended the game 49-14, but Your Red Raiders weren't the only boys making the news at the game....

In an attempt to not encourage streakers, TV gives no attention to them. So, if you were watching Tech stomp West Virginia on TV, then you might've wondered what the delay early in the 4th quarter was about.

Brent Smith, notably NOT a Tech student, climbed down unto the field and began undressing. He didn't get very far, though. (Had he planned this run a little better, he would've taken his boots off before he got on the field.) Due to lack of proper streaking preparation, which I'm sure fans in the stadium were thankful for!, this wasn't a true streaker.

The reason for TV doesn't show these bright-idea-having-streakers is so that other aren't encouraged and, honestly, it's a big risk for not much reward. (Unless, of course your friends pay you a lot.)

Brent Smith, the Blow-Out Streaker, was arrested and taken to Lubbock County jail about 6 p.m. Smith faces charges of criminal trespassing, according to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. No bail amount had been set, according the jail's booking sheet.