This poor pup suffered a truly traumatizing event way too early in his life. Being hit by a car has him in a cast, but Hank is a true trooper!

Blake & Morris' Next Mission: Finding a Good Home for Hank!


“My name is HANK; I am the newest member of the Safe House. I was accepted because a car hit me and my leg is broken. I was so scared from the accident and I didn't know if I would be all right or not. Today has been better but I still don't feel good. It is not fun to be hurt. I know I will feel better soon and when I am well I want a home where my owner will be sure I am not in harm's way ever again and where I will be taken care of and loved a lot. You can see me at the Safe House; I am on kennel rest for the next several days.”

If this pup needs to come home with you RIGHT NOW then pick up the phone!

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