This guy is good on walks and loves to have his belly rubbed! Columbus is almost one and still doesn't have a family to call his own.

Blake & Morris' Next Mission: Finding a Good Home for Columbus!

“I am such a good dog, I try to please in every way, I want a home where I will be loved and taken care of and can be best friends with my family. I will be a year old October 1. I am a mix of sweet dog and all American. I will be what ever you decide I am. Please come see me at the Safe House seven days a week 9 to 4:30. Oh and bring $125 for my adoption fee. I am good on walks and great at getting tummy rubs.”

If this pup needs to come home with you RIGHT NOW then pick up the phone!

To adopt, call: (806) 239-0156

To make inquiries about this animal or to find out more about others, you can email:

Volunteer opportunities are available and volunteers are ALWAYS welcome! Please contact Sallie Morris at (806) 239-0156 for more info.