Last Tuesday night Taylor Swift was performing at New York's Madison Square Garden wrapping up her Speak Now World Tour. She brought stars Selena Gomez and the legendary James Taylor to the stage to perform with her and revealed a personal connection with Taylor. Gomez sang one of her hits with Taylor while she and sweet baby James did "Fire and Rain". He later backed Taylor up on Swift's "Fifteen". Taylor has a personal connection with James Taylor.


According to this site, Taylor told the audience that her parents named her after James Taylor. She said after telling her mother her favorite chorus class song was James Taylor's "Fire and Rain", her mom told her she was kinda named after him. A lot of people are named after entertainers but these two have major similarities. And the fact that he's who she's named after is really not too much of a surprise. James Taylor and Taylor Swift both perform alone with a band backing them. They are both phenomenal songwriters and highly respected in the business for that ability. Their songs are poetic and story-telling. And have the unique experience of being public favorites. Must be the magic name "Taylor" carries with it. I predict her career will be just as long and well-respected as her namesake's. Here's one of my James Taylor favorites.