Every generation owns its own boy band heart throbs, from The Beatles to N'Sync and Backstreet Boys, to, now, One Direction. Unfortunately, some gals do become a little overly obsessive about it and even go to such lengths as sending DEATH THREATS. Unbelievable....believe it.

Poor Taylor Swift just wants to find true love, dang it. And even though she seems to fall into and out of it a lot, she's now dating One Direction's heart throb Harry Styles.

Now when you get a group of good looking young men (so the younger girls say) it creates a horrible storm of an obsessive fan base who would do anything and everything for even just a chance at meeting/seeing/talking to one of the members of One Direction.


When this happens, seriously, some girls will get unbelievably offended that THEIR man is dating a person that is not themselves. Poor Taylor has just become a victim of such a group of crazed ladies.

That's right. Taylor Swift actually received DEATH THREATS for dating Harry Styles.

If you've ever seen a crowd these guys perform to, then maybe this isn't so incredible at all. The group reportedly sending the threat is called The Directioners..... go figure.