Okay so we all know Taylor Swift is a POWERHOUSE name in not just Country music, but also pop and whatever other cross-over genres she’s in, but to be topping THE Madonna on the Billboard charts…That’s a whole ‘nother kind of special, indeed!

Tim Whitby, GettyImages

Taylor Swift is known for her genre fluidity, moving from Pop to Country then back and on to the occasional rap or hip hop duet, but she’s doing something that’s never been seen before! (again.)

Taylor is topping Madonna on Billboard’s Top 100 Charts for Pop with the most number of songs to appear on said chart.  With the release of Taylor’s latest song appearing on the chart, ‘The Moment I Knew’, she now has surpassed MADONNA with a total of 57 songs on the chart’s history!

Country Weekly reports that the only other leading, singing lady to outdo THAT number is Aretha Franklin with 73 songs!

Anybody wanna take bets on how long it’ll take Taylor to beat that record, too? J

Congrats again!