Everyone remembers the 17 year old girl who hit the scenes with her song 'Our Song', and who wrote or co-wrote every single song on her debut album. She was the talk of the town and still is, but looking back is always fun to see how our favorite stars have grown and it's safe to say, she's grown a lot as a performer!

Taylor Swift's very first performance at the CMA awards was a little shaky, but let's be honest: wouldn't you be nervous if you were singing (and playing the guitar) in front of, not only the biggest crowd of SUPER COUNTRY STARS in the business, but also in front of the many tuning in to the nationally televised show...?

I know I would be!

So, yes, it was a little shaky and she seemed out of breath by the end of the song and out of tune at places in the song, but you won't see that in her performances any longer! She has grown, as you will see from the second video, and has become a veteran and a very strong on stage performer!

Jason Merritt, GettyImages

I will admit that I was a little skeptical of her at first, but after years of see her interviews and her efforts and donations of time and money for good causes, she really is a great role model for her target audience: our younger generation of teen and pre-teen girls!

Let this be just another example for any of you who aspire to be the next Taylor Swift out there!

Even the biggest stars can get nervous. Even the biggest stars used to be nobody. Even the biggest stars feared the judgement of their peers. What will set you apart is the courage to keep going no matter what! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ladies and all good things will come your way!