A new study reaffirms that we evidently like our presidents tall. Texas Tech researcher Gregg R. Murray and graduate student J. David Schmitz say the "presidential height index" proves taller presidential candidates in election years 1789-2008 have prevailed. According to Livescience.com, the researchers add that taller leaders have been preferred since the ancient Mayans and pre-classical Greeks. And both say it may be leftover cavemen instincts that draw us to strong (or tall) leaders who we view as able to protect us. Murray and Schmitz asked nearly 500 students across the U.S. from public and private schools to draw a 'typical' citizen and an 'ideal leader'. 64% drew the leader as taller. So, with this in mind we should have realized that Pres. Obama at 6'1" would win over John McCain at 5'8". Big men in this election year are Rick Perry at 6'1" and Mitt Romney at 6'2". But if either of those guys is the GOP candidate, don't depend on height to make any difference.