Garth Brooks' music video for 'We Shall Be Free' won awards for Best Music Video the year it came out and it wasn't because of any cool effects added. It was because it has such a powerful message and positive attitude, that it's hard to NOT say it's the best music video ever!

This past Monday, we all celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day and, as our President took his oath of office for a second term, I've really started to think back in history when people would not only disbelieve that we would be celebrating a day in honor of a Black man, but also that this nation's leader IS a Black man.

It wasn't long ago and this music video from Garth Brooks takes us back to when times weren't as tolerant as they are now, but shows and reminds us of how bad it used to be and how far we've come.


I may not be Black/African American, but when MLK Jr. Day is here, I enjoy celebrating the fact that our Country is a much more tolerant place to live and I count the blessing that I'm lucky enough to live here.

I have and always will feel that this music video is the greatest video of all time, not because of the effects or the cinematics in it, but because the message will always be true and because so many big stars came together to help send the message! It's truly inspiring! :)