What? This news was talked about in Taiwan...?? It's news to us, but boy did they NAIL the animation and story line DEAD ON. It's actually pretty funny. Watch Tuberville dash out and Kliff Kingsbury ride in to save the day in this video....and yes. There are subtitles.


So Tuberville's abrupt 'up and out' of Lubbock shocked and offended everyone HERE, but this story actually made headlines in Taiwan, of all places.

Apparently they loved the story so much they animated it and slapped subtitles on it for all in Taiwan and America to enjoy!

The sad part is, these guys aren't even from this country and they were able to nail down plot to a T. Tuberville doesn't seem to be as honorable as we had hoped he would be.

My favorite part is that they even show Tuberville been battered by flying tortillas! Like I said before, though, they nailed it dead on.

Better watch out Cincinnati!