Conan Learns Actual Zombies Love ‘The Walking Dead’
The AMC zombie drama 'The Walking Dead' has a lot of fans. In fact, its season three premiere got more viewers than any other show has this fall season.
Among these viewers, it turns out, are actual zombies. One of these rotting ghouls even showed up on 'Conan' to discuss his…
Bees Turning into Zombies Caused by Parasite [VIDEO]
It is a fly parasite that is being blamed for an epidemic that has wiped out much of the bee population. This, comes from a scientist from California that is basically saying that the bees turn to zombies and then die. The parasite sets in the bees stomach and forces it to walk in circles much lik…
Hornady’s New Zombie Load [VIDEO]
My brother in Floydada, Mark Whittle, always keeps us abreast for any enemy movement toward our area. The possibility of Zombies, Aliens and of course Commies is always there and it's good to know about it "up front" just in case its the real deal.