Top 9 at 9

Drinking Songs On The Top 9 at 9 [VIDEO]
Country music. It's all about lovin', cheatin' and gettin drunk. That is what the "top 9 at 9" will be all about. What is your favorite drinkin' song in country music?
Let us know. Facebook your request to our Facebook page at 99-5 the Bear. Any...
The Top 9 At 9 Features The Year 2002
The "top 9 at 9" this time around will feature the year 2002. It was a year that saw the New England Patriots beat the St. Louis Rams 20-17 in Super Bowl XXXVI. Steve Fossett became the first person to fly solo around the world, non-stop, in a balloon. Rascal Flatts would win the Horizon…

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