Toby Keith

You Think You Know Toby Keith?
Perhaps you've heard the story: a stewardess hands a record label executive a demo of Toby Keith's music, and days later, he scores a record deal. A few months later, he has a hit, and a few years later he's a superstar. It's a sexy story with a lot of unanswered questions, and i…
The 25 Richest Country Music Singers
It's no secret, making it big in any genre can make you rich -- and it's no different in the Country Music genre. But lately, with a sound that is appealing to younger and younger audiences country has become even more lucrative. But who are the richest country singers? Yeah, there are some new acts…
Toby Keith to Release ‘5 Rounds’ CD Set
Singer-songwriter Toby Keith is keeping himself extra busy. In June, he's set to release '5 Rounds,' a CD set that includes a whole slew of Keith hits. He's also hitting the road, having drinks and hosting a charity golf tournament.

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