Thompson Square

Thompson Square, ‘Just Feels Good’ – Album Review
The best songs on Thompson Square's new album 'Just Feels Good' sound like a conversation between the two married lovers. Early on, their back-and-forth is light and playful. Later ballads take a more somber tone, but all that find the 'If I Didn't Have You' singers sha…
March’s List of Country Album Releases
Moving right along into the 3rd month of the 2013, we're going to see some big albums get released! So ready your wallet to make some 'Must-Have' purchases! See who's releasing what and when inside.
Shawna Thompson of Thompson Square Hospitalized?
Recent pictures on Thompson Square's official Twitter page had fans wondering about the health of Shawna Thompson. "Hey y'all please pray for Shawna," a tweet from Wednesday afternoon reads. An earlier tweet reveals a banged up and bruised Keifer Thompson...

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