The Bridge of Lubbock

The Bridge of Lubbock Wants Your Prom Clothes to Help Teens
If you have a new or gently used prom/party dress or a tuxedo/suit you'd like to get rid of, The Bridge of Lubbock will take them. This organization is a privately-funded Christian non-profit in East Lubbock seeking to restore hope in the community. The gathering of the fancy clothes is all par…
Shrimp and Armadillos
If you've never seen an armadillo race and you like shrimp, I've got a great suggestion for your weekend. Click for more info on shrimp and armadillos.
Prom Helpers Needed
The Bridge of Lubbock says "thanks" for all the donated prom dresses to make a fairy tale night a reality for a lot of teenage girls in Lubbock. And now, since they've received so many dresses, they've run into a bit of a problem. Click for more info.