Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift to Appear on VH1′s ‘Storytellers’
Taylor Swift will appear on VH1′s famed ‘Storytellers’ series, where artists perform songs and offer insight, anecdotes, memories and details about the tunes. Given the confessional nature of Swift’s songwriting and her chatty personality, this will be a v…
Taylor Swift Still on the Lookout for Next Acting Job
Taylor Swift is by no means a one-trick pony. In addition to selling top albums and chart-busting songs, the 22-year-old country star has also successfully dipped her toe into the waters of acting. If Swift has her way, we could see more of her on the big screen soon.
Taylor Swift’s Parents Reportedly Separated
In an interview with the New Yorker last year, Taylor Swift admitted that some of the songs on her upcoming album are sad. Unfortunately, rumors this week indicate that Swift may not have been singing from her own painful relationship experience, but rather from the knowledge that her parents&CloseC…

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