Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Growing as a Performer: Then and Now [VIDEOS]
Everyone remembers the 17 year old girl who hit the scenes with her song 'Our Song', and who wrote or co-wrote every single song on her debut album. She was the talk of the town and still is, but looking back is always fun to see how our favorite stars have grown and it's safe to say,…
Taylor Swift Donates Red Shoes to Raise Money for Charity
When it comes to charity, superstar Taylor Swift is putting her money where her feet are. The ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together‘ singer has donated a pair of her own red shoes for an online auction to raise money for a charity that provides shoes to people living in poverty.
Taylor Swift Planning Spring 2013 Tour
It’s been about six months since Taylor Swift‘s Speak Now Tour wrapped after rocking cities all over the world, leaving fans ecstatic for new tunes and more performances. But now, Swift fans have more than just a new album to look forward to. As she readies ‘Red&CloseCurl…

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