Taylor Swift

Watch All of Last Night’s AMA Performances Again [VIDEOS]
Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift were rolling out new singles off their latest albums and  MC Hammer and Psy were 'too legit to quit' last night! If you missed the American Music Awards last night, no worries! Blake has your COMPLETE recap inside!
Brad Paisley Gave Taylor Swift Her Worst Nickname Ever
Taylor Swift has plenty of nicknames (like T-Swizzle, Swifty, Tay Tay and T-Swift, just to name a few). And while the pop-country superstar doesn't seem to mind most of the endearing terms that her fans and friends create for her, one nickname -- which was given by none other than former tourma…
Who’s the Guy Going on Tour with Taylor Swift?? [VIDEOS]
On October 26th, T Swift Fans EVERYWHERE were crossing their fingers, hoping and praying that Taylor would announce their home town as a destination for one of her stops for her upcoming tour..... but who's 'the very special guest' opening all of these shows for her......?
Taylor Swift’s Parents Didn’t Want Her to Get Into Music
Back in 2006, when Taylor Swift released her self-titled debut album, she was only 17. And you know what that means? The country star's parents had to be on board with her music career before she ever stepped into the country music scene. Turns out, Ma and Pa Swift weren't too keen on turning their …
Taylor Swift Reveals Who She’ll Never, Ever Write a Song About
On previous albums, Taylor Swift has written songs about ex-boyfriends like (allegedly) John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and Jake Gyllenhaal. During an interview with Taste of Country Nights host Jeremy Robinson, the 'Begin Again' singer shared who she will not record a new song about…

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