Lubbock’s 2015 Snow Event [Pictures]
I snapped a few pictures around the ol' office space and it occurred to me that you're probably doing the same thing. It's not often that we get this much snow in Lubbock, and it almost never happens this late in the year.
Lubbock Snow From My Back Yard
When it snows at my house it truly makes it look like we're anywhere but Texas. I guess that's why we bought the place. Our back yard kinda rolls right into the Lubbock Country Club.
No, I don't play golf and we're not members of the Country Club, but we do have a pretty good vi…
Snow Ice Cream
The weather outside may get ugly, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun. Be the snow day hero to your kids, and get the recipe for Snow Ice Cream, after the jump.
ICE! Are You Ready?
Here is what the DPS folks say about being safe when storms are approaching West Texas:
Winter storms can strand motorists traveling northern routes in Texas, sometimes striking South Texas and coastal areas. When winter storms threaten, monitor broadcast media and NOA…