Rick and Jane

Unique Invention Could Change Eating Out
The other day while eating with friends at a busy depot district restaurant we waited for our order.  Someone suggested changing the order, so we tried to flag our guy down, but his attention was elsewhere.  Because of the crowd, and the fact that he was so busy, we sort of forgave him his snub and …
The Best Seat..
This is Rick Gilbert.  Not only do I work with Jane
Prince Jones on the morning show on 99-5 the
Bear, I'm also the p.a. announcer for Lady Raider
and Red Raider basketball.  More after the jump.
The Rude Shopper Test
I was just standing there waiting to pay for my 13 items in the "No more than 20 Items" line at Walmart when I spot from my right side, this other basket slowly coming my way.  I started thinking, "She's going to just park there 'til I get through&…