Rick and Jane

It’s Pink Saturday
The Baylor/Lady Raider game will be one of a different color. Keep reading to find out how you can get a discounted ticket to this game.
Rick and Jane with Randy Rogers [AUDIO]
Randy Rogers performs at Wild West Friday night, Feb.11th. 99-5 The Bear's morning show, Rick and Jane, talked with Randy about his music, and what he has planned for Valentine's Day. Keep reading to hear the interview.
Hot Jobs Open in and Around Lubbock
If you're looking for work, or maybe want to change the scenery of your current job, Workforce Solutions offers, at no employment fee, these positions in Lubbock and surrounding areas. Keep reading to find out about the jobs you can apply for.
Chicken Fried – Years In The Making
Legendary song stories fascinate me....like the guitar riff in "I Can't Get No Satisfaction", came to Keith Richards in a dream, bringing instant fame to the song. But I just found out one of the most requested country songs, "Chicken Fried" by the Zac Brown Band, became a…
My Top Ten Celebrities I’d Invite To Dinner
I've come up with my most recent list of the top ten celebrity dinner companions.  Dr. Billy Graham kicks it all off by saying grace before the meal and Oprah is there because she helped me arrange it all and furnished the gift bags.   Dr. Phil has joined us in case any of the guests need interventi…
Snow Ice Cream
The weather outside may get ugly, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun. Be the snow day hero to your kids, and get the recipe for Snow Ice Cream, after the jump.
Freaky Suggestion For Halloween
A Rhode Island congressman has suggested legislation to changing Halloween from October 31 to just the last Saturday in October.   On first thought sounds practical in that most working parents wouldn't hae to leave work early (darn!) and kids wouldn't have to get up for school (whatever happened to…

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