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Hot Jobs Up For Grabs
If you're looking for work or want to change your job, Workforce Solutions says some jobs have opened up in Lubbock and the surrounding area. Read further for details.
Making Prom A Dream Come True
One of the brightest times in the life of a teenage girl is the high school prom. And where affording a prom dress may be a problem, one organization helps make that fairy tale come true. Read for more info.
Tech Finds a Way
Texas Tech third baseman Reid Redman didn't have the type of day he would like have at the plate. But in the bottom of the 9th against Texas A&M Corpus Christi, he got what he was looking for. Keep reading for more.
Warning For Traveling Spring Breakers
Spring Break begins this weekend and lots of people, many of them college students, want to get out of town for a few days ...maybe Mexico? But, think again, the Texas Dept. of Public Safety says "Stay out and stay alive"! Read further for info.
Palin Power
The top republican in Lubbock County came by the KQBR studios to say hello, plus request something else. Keep reading to find what that was.
Sheen Weed, Wow! [AUDIO]
Hey, want some good "Sheen". Apparently you can now get some "Sheen Weed". Keep on reading to find out more on this plus listen to some "Sheenisms".

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