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A Sugarland Surprise [VIDEO]
Sugarland may be country's top group, but in concert Jennifer Nettles and company like to do some other things and catch the audience by surprise. At a recent concert they did just that. Keep reading to find out what went on.
Prom Helpers Needed
The Bridge of Lubbock says "thanks" for all the donated prom dresses to make a fairy tale night a reality for a lot of teenage girls in Lubbock. And now, since they've received so many dresses, they've run into a bit of a problem. Click for more info.
Lubbock’s Top Five First Date Places
The term "first date" means there's going to be a "second" and a "third". So, to get to #3, you the initial outing to be positive, because after all isn't the point to enjoy it? From the female viewpoint, you can't go wrong where others are gathered. …
Billy Clyde Is In The House.
Over the weekend Texas Tech announced that Billy Gillispie will be the next head basketball coach of the Red Raiders. Tech fans will now have an opportunity to give Billy Clyde a big welcome to Lubbock. Keep reading to find out more.
It’s A Building Process
Patience and learning. That's what's needed when rebuilding a team. It looks like the Lady Raiders have taken that to heart. Keep reading to find out more.
Go Green
Today the phrase "Go Green" has nothing to do with the environment. It's all about wearing green and St. Patrick's Day. To find out more about St. Patrick's day keep reading.

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