3 Minutes That Will Make Monday Better!
I know, I know - it's Monday.  The day you drag your butt out of bed, get ready for the day and then drive to work looking through only one eye because it's just too difficult to open both eyes.
Believe me - I get it.  Today is my first Monday back to work after a week long vacati…
The 10 Cutest Tiny Dogs Ever
We're huge suckers for anything involving puppies, like skateboarding Santa dogs or Star Wars pups. (Come on-- how could you not be?!) We're equally obsessed with anything in miniature form. So what happens when the two are combined? Holy moly cuteness, that's what!
Here’s A Corgi And A Kitten Snuggling
We could offer an explanation of this. But we really don't have one, and do you really need one? It's just an adorable Corgi puppy and an equally adorable kitten snuggling, and arguing in their sleep over who gets the most pillow. Oh, and chewing on each other's feet...
Puppies Devour Food in Record Time [VIDEO]
Six little rescued puppies show just how fast food lasts when it's dinner time. Take a look at the adorable rescued puppies below, and Click Here to find out how you can give loving homes to animals in need here in Lubbock. Click through to see the video.
Puppies Need Some Love
Our lost animals today are part of a litter of six that was brought to the shelter yesterday.  Are these not the cutest puppies?  They appear to be German Shepherd/terrier mix.  As with too many of our animal stories, they were wandering the streets and a kind citizen picked them up b…