Kevin Fowler

Tops in Texas — Wade Bowen Looks to Stay No.1
This week Wade Bowen looks to hold on to the No.1 spot for a second consecutive week. But to do it he'll have to hold off huge pushes from the likes of Kyle Park, Reckless Kelly, and Kevin Fowler. Who lands the top spot? Let’s find out.
The Real Kevin Fowler
If you're a young band looking to sustain a long, successful career in music -- look no further than the Kevin Fowler business model. Fowler's made it a point to release music he loves, and music his fans love.
Kevin Fowler’s New Video “That Girl”
Everybody loves Kevin Fowler. How can you keep from it?.. With songs like "Beer, Bait, and Ammo," otherwise known as the Texas national anthem, "Senorita Mas Fina," "Pound Sign," and "I ain't Drinkin' Anymore," the Am…
The Good Life With Kevin Fowler [VIDEO]
Kevin Fowler's newest CD has officially been released and is available at Walmart and iTunes. Eleven huge beer drinkin', river riding songs that will become a part of your trucks stable of music.

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