Justin Bieber

Proof That Justin Bieber Is Rapidly Devolving
Our friends at PopCrush noticed something about #1 Anne Frank fan Justin Bieber and have put together a very convincing argument. It seems that The Bieb's constant slouching is indicative of a larger problem -- he's actually devolving into a lesser being...
Justin Bieber Goes Country With ‘Boyfriend’ Remix
Before you get too excited–or annoyed, depending on how you feel about The Biebs–about the above headline, you should know that Justin Bieber isn’t going to be the next pop sensation to cross over to country music. The teen sensation posted this short video of his country…
Catch The Bieber Fever At The Movies
Justin Bieber is about the hottest guy in the world....at least to a lot of teenage and younger girls and now, he's possibly got a new movie coming out. That is, if Ashton Kutcher can talk him into it. Click for more info.