Jerry Brownlow

Maines Brothers Band are Worth the Wait [VIDEO]
The Maines Brothers Band blew through the Lubbock Civic Center theater stage like a West Texas Twister Saturday night bringing back memories of "Coldwater" and marking up several standing ovations. They played for almost two and a half hours without missing a beat...
The 36th Annual Texas Boys Ranch Telethon [VIDEO]
Texas Boys Ranch is celebrating 36 years of caring for abused and neglected children in the South Plains area. The 36th Annual Telethon will be Friday, August 19, 7:00 pm to midnight. The telethon will be held at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts...
KQBR’s Jerry Brownlow Sings Bluegrass [VIDEO]
There might be some people who are unaware of the amazing musical ability of Jerry Brownlow who hosts “That’s the Gospel” every Sunday morning on KQBR FM. Not only is Jerry an accomplished singer/songwriter/guitar player, but he is a member of the legendary Maines Brothers Band.