Rachel Reinert Leaves Gloriana
The future of country trio Gloriana is in doubt as singer Rachel Reinert has decided to leave the group. In a post on Twitter, Reinert thanked fans as well as Tom and Mike Gossin before revealing what’s next for her.
Who Is Bobby Bones’ Girlfriend?
RACHEL REINERT, the cute brunette in GLORIANA, is now officially dating BOBBY BONES.
It didn’t seem like either of them were quite ready to go public with it . . . but the people at Taste of Country were persistent and finally came right out and asked them on Twitter...
Tom Gossin of Gloriana Channels His Inner Burt Reynolds
What do Gloriana's Tom Gossin and actor Burt Reynolds have in common? On the surface, not much... Well, that was the case until Gossin was left to his own devices while trimming his beard and made a few errant moves. He ended up resembling the screen star, who was one of the most successful act…

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