Reminder: Make Your Week Two Pro Football Picks Now!
Thanks again for entering Blake FM's pro football pick 'em! Week one is now officially behind us – it's time to gear up for week two!
This is just a friendly reminder to make your week two picks if you haven't already. Go here to make your week two picks and see how you…
11 Extreme Super Bowl Snacks
Only t-minus four days until the big game, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about the most important part of our Super Bowl party-- food. Nachos, sandwiches, pizza and anything greasy goes, as long as it's hardy and semi-manly. But how the heck are we supposed to choose with so many…
Football Player Flips Over Would-Be Tackle
There's a lot of argument over this anonymous clip. Not about the guy doing a forward flip right over the person about to tackle him: That's obviously a display of athleticism. No, some people think it was "staged" and others argue it happened spontaneously...
Texas Tech Names New Defensive Coordinator
After giving young coaches an opportunity to move up and become a defensive coordinator, and seeing that hasn't worked out to well, coach Tommy Tuberville went and hired someone he knows and has been a defensive coordinator.
The Red Raiders Hold On And Upset #3 Oklahoma 41 to 38
Remember the move "Nightmare On Elm Street? Well, for Oklahoma Sooner fans they woke up this morning and realized their nightmare was real. The Texas Tech Red Raiders came into Norman, and with no one giving them a chance, grabbed their first win in Norman since 1996.
Homecoming Queen Kicks Winning Points for Team [VIDEO]
If they ever make a remake of "Friday Night Lights" they might want to consider Michigan as the setting and include this real-life event. Pinckney Community High School was up against Grand Blanc last Friday night. At half time, Brianna Amat was named Homecoming Queen. And then later kicke…

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