Kahlua Needs a Big Back Yard
Today we have Kahlua, a red and white Husky, looking to be adopted. Kahlua is a young female who needs a big backyard to call her own. She has one blue eye and the other is brown. Come by the shelter today and see her and all the other wonderful animals for adoption.
Great With Children
Today we focus on finding Dottie a home. Dottie is a grey and black dachshund mix female that is already spayed and current on shots. She is an outdoor dog and listed as good with other dogs and children. Come see Dottie today!
Jake Wants to Play
Jake is our adoption pet of the day. He is a black and tan male dachshund full of energy. He is about 3 years old and would make a good pet for anyone wanting a small dog. Please come visit Jake and all of the other animals for adoption at the Animal Shelter.
Sophie’s Waiting for a Ride Home
Our stray dog is Sophie. She is a female German Shepherd mix with a microchip. Her owner has not shown to reclaim her after repeated calls, so lets hope after seeing Sophie here, they will come pick her up.
Thomas Needs a Place to Stay
Our Adoption dog today is Thomas. He is a male Pekingese mix with long brown and white hair. We do not have much information on Thomas as he came to us as a stray, but he is a very sweet dog in need of a home. If you could give Thomas that home, please come visit him today!
Lost Sad and Alone
Our lost dog of the day is a female hound mix. She has the look of a basset hound but is about 2 times as tall. She is mainly black and brown with red spots on her legs. She appears to be an older dog.
Bobblehead is Looking For a Friend
Today we have a Boston Terrier for adoption named Bobblehead. It is a male mostly white with some black and brown brindle coloring around the ears and head. This dog has an abundant amount of energy and likes to use that energy to launch himself straight up into the air.
Lucy and Sister Needs a Home
Today we showcase Lucy as our adoption dog.  Lucy is a West Highland Terrier (Westie) mix female that was found as a stray along with her sister.  She is a young adult, which means she is less than a year old, and is a little shy.  It would not take much for her to warm up to her new …
Daisy Needs a New Family
Daisy is our Adoption Pet of the Day.  This tan and white terrier mix female is looking for a new home and would like to share yours.  Daisy likes long walks around the neighborhood, belly rubs, treats and snuggling.  Kids are OK too.  Daisy is a bout 3 years old.  More afte…
Lost and Wanting to go Home
Our lost animal of the day is another good looking female.  She is a Catahoula Leopard Dog.  She has big brown eyes and grey hair with brown and white mixed in, then throw in some black spots for good measure.  She is a younger dog, estimated under two years of age.  This girl is shy at first but wa…
Puppies Need Some Love
Our lost animals today are part of a litter of six that was brought to the shelter yesterday.  Are these not the cutest puppies?  They appear to be German Shepherd/terrier mix.  As with too many of our animal stories, they were wandering the streets and a kind citizen picked them up b…

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