25 Hilarious Animal ‘Photobombs’
Photobombs are the (often intoxicated) work of a dude who stealthily weasels his way into your photographs, completely marring what would've been a nice clean picture of you and your boo on your romantic vacation.
But it doesn't stop here. This snapshot wrecking ball genius has pets.
Stressful Job? Take Your Dog to Work!
One veterinarian and researcher Rebecca Johnson with the University of Missouri says your pet can be a great stress-reliever--at work! She says, "People are realizing we need to do something to reduce stress in the workplace."
Kansas Legislator Pushes Toto as the State Dog [VIDEO]
The little dog that starred alongside Judy Garland and several others, Toto, is making big headlines. At least that's the case in the Kansas legislature. State Rep. Ed Trimmer has introduced a bill to make that dog breed--Cairn Terrier--the official dog of the state of Kansas
What You Should Do For A Hot Dog In A Closed Car
It's pretty frightening to calculate what happens to 100+ temps in a closed car, considering the increase in 15 minutes time averages 40 degrees. Most parents would not leave their child unattended, (though this has happened leading to tragic developments), but many think cracking a window and …
Adopt And Rescue Man’s Best Friend This Weekend
In an animal cruelty investigation near Lubbock in mid-June authorities said about 75 dogs were living in a dangerous life-threatening situation. Investigators found dozens of dogs chained to walls, in dirty kennels with food and water barely in their reach. Thankfully, there is the group "Savi…
Help Adopt 200 Animals This Weekend
This Weekend is National Pet Adoption Weekend. If you or someone you know is looking for a new member of the family, or if you just want to help out with a great cause, join us at PETSMART, 6801 Slide Road in Lubbock.

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