couch potato

My New Favorite
Fast food is evil. It seems to reach out and grab me from my 72 inch T.V. and especially when the new Sonic Hot Dogs are being advertised. The pressure was too much yesterday, so I had to give in.
Adopt A Friend Today
"Hemi" the six-toed kitten waits to put the stamp of approval on the most recent blog from Lubbock Animal Services.  Always ready to lend a paw when it comes to eating, causing problems, or being a clown, Hemi loves his new life and home.  If you have a little extra space…
Resting Up For The Game
Recently adopted from the Lubbock Animal Services, "Hemi" rests up for the big game since the New York Jets are playing.  This picture was taken from the last Cowboy game and shows just how quickly you too can spoil a new family member adopted from Lubbock Animal Services. Rea…