Help Adopt 200 Animals This Weekend
This Weekend is National Pet Adoption Weekend. If you or someone you know is looking for a new member of the family, or if you just want to help out with a great cause, join us at PETSMART, 6801 Slide Road in Lubbock.
A Not So Friendly Reminder
Hemmi-the six toed kitten, world famous for being the only kitten known to man that will fetch like a dog, over and over again, was adopted recently from Lubbock Animal Services. He's grown a bunch, sleeps a lot, eats like a little pig... but the one thing he hasn't done?..He hasn't …
Hemmi Knows How to Stack Toilet Paper
Hemmi, the six toed kitten, has learned a brand new trick. How to stack sheets of toilet paper...fairly neatly. Known for his fetching ability among other things, Hemmi has also learned a few acrobatic skills that we are still trying to get on video. Hemmi-the six toed kitten is surely a one of a…
Tabby Cat Needs a Home

Our lost pet is this regal looking grey and black female tabby. She has white on her chest and feet and is very affectionate. she does not know what a stranger is and loves to get right in your ear and purr as loud as she can.
Hemmi Strikes a Pose
Reminiscent of Rin Tin Tin for those of you who can remember the hero dog of yesteryear.  The house paparazzi grabs a shot of Hemmi trying to play hall monitor for the squirrels that point and laugh at him on a daily basis.  More after the jump.
Great Looking Lost Feline
Our lost animal of the day is a cat.  This female is a silver tabby with some orange splotches in the mix.  This cat is a little jittery in the shelter but could be someone's pet. More after the Jump.
All Mittens Needs Is You
Mittens is in the spotlight for adoption today.  She is a sweet black and white medium hair female.  She is declawed in the front so she needs to be an indoor cat only!  She is also spayed, microchipped and current on all shots.  All Mittens needs is a home to call her own. …
High Six Bra!
While asleep and apparently High-Sixing one of the Meerkats on Meerkat Manor, Hemmi the six-toed kitten is caught by the house paparazzi's flashlight and I-phone.  Got to be up day and night to get the shots on this cat. More after the Jump.
Damara Loves to Play
Damara is our adoption kitten waiting for you to take her home.  She is very playful and loves to hide under the newspaper and pounce when you walk by.  Damara is about eight weeks old and is a beautiful silver tabby with short hair.  Come visit her today at 401 N. Ash.  More fol…
Hemmi’s Right Paw
Hemmi the six-toed kitten show's you his right smackin' paw.  He uses this one to keep "Yoda" the evil solid black cat, and "Sophie" the no brained cow-dog in line.  More after the jump.

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