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7th Annual Buffalo Wing Cook Off
The 7th Annual Buffalo Wing Cook Off at Buffalo Springs Lake is being held Friday and Saturday with $10,000 dollars prize payout. The Cook Off is an IBCA sanctioned Texas State BBQ championship.
Hemmi-the Six Toed Kitten in Recovery
As reported earlier we were give "Notice" by the State of Texas that Hemmi-the now famous Six Toed Kitten had been under surveillance, and if not neutered within the given amount of time, would be up for "Hard" time.. or given a "Stiff" penalty.
A Not So Friendly Reminder
Hemmi-the six toed kitten, world famous for being the only kitten known to man that will fetch like a dog, over and over again, was adopted recently from Lubbock Animal Services. He's grown a bunch, sleeps a lot, eats like a little pig... but the one thing he hasn't done?..He hasn't …
Lubbock’s Workday Payday
99.5 the Bear continues to hand out the hundreds with Bear Workday Payday winning. Be sure to listen for your name, better than that, have your friends listen for your name while they are listening for their own name. When your name is announced you win!
Wild West Harley Davidson
We want to thank the over 1,000 chili dog eating folks who came out to the Spring Open House at Wild West Harley Davidson on Saturday. There were so many Harley bikes there that you could hear it clear across Lubbock.
Wild West Harley Davidson Open House
If you've ever been to a Wild West Harley Davidson Open house you know you're gonna get fed, run into a whole bunch of folks you haven't seen in a while, and get great deals on apparel, accessories, and bikes too.

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