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It Takes Mom and Dad [VIDEO]
Each year these small and colorful birds make their home in the same corner of our house and not only do they rain terror on our cow-dog Sophie, these birds are the entertainment day and night for the two felines that reside with us.
Bob Visits With Little Big Town [VIDEO]
Little Big Town came by the studio's and I was able to grab them for a few minutes. It's always great to see and talk to these guys, some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet. The Band talks about being on the road with Sugarland as their part of the tour comes to an end this week…
5th Row Sugarland Tickets [VIDEO]
We're getting close to the Sugarland/Little Big Town show. For those of you that are keeping score, that would be on Thursday Night, we'll all be getting together to see one of the hottest shows this year. 99.5 The Bear is now giving you a shot at four of the very best seats in the house…
radioPup-It’s Free and Easy to Load
This is absolutely one of the coolest applications to grab for your smart phone. Did I mention that it's free? Head to our mobile app page to find out more about radioPup and you can earn 1,000 VIP Bonus points just for doing it.
Zio’s Italian Food Opens in Lubbock
I can remember doing a large number of "Party on the Patio's" while on FMX across the street at what was formerly called ZooKini's. Lots of memories and great times were had there, and when Zookini's shut down it was almost as tough as watching the Depot Warehouse disappear…
Certified Angus Beef Pepper and Salt [PICS]
Friday afternoon 99.5 the Bear was on location with the folks from Certified Angus Beef and boy did we get an education. You hear it over and over again, but its all about the marble. The flakes of fat that you see on the surface of the beef cut determines just how great your steak is going to be. …
Rick’s Retro Rack [VIDEO]
Charlie Rich was known as the "Silver Fox". He won several awards in the early 70's and his songs consistently topped both the country and pop charts. In 1973, he had the number one song in the land. Keep reading and find out more.
Bob Pickett Talks with Danny Gokey
With Americon Idol's season beginning to peak with superstar artists abound, I look back to the last American Idol season with top runner Danny Gokey about all the excitement.
What’s For Dinner, Certified Angus Beef
There is nothing better that a great cut of beef... Certified Angus Beef. For me it really doesn't matter which cut. As long as I have claimed to be a steak "expert," when it comes down to it, I can only tell you about a few of the cuts and what part of the cow that it actually come…
Richie McDonald Up CLose and Personal
Join 99.5 The Bear for Richie Mcdonald "Up Close and Personal," Friday, July 22nd at 7:30 at the Lubbock Civic Center Theatre. Hosted by Cindy Hughlett & David House With Special Guest Tori Forbess & Abbie Rose.
Sunny Sweeney Talks Openly With Bob Pickett [VIDEO]
Sunny Sweeney is a multi-talented artist who started out as a comedian. She decided to put herself a band together and now she is about to launch her second chart hitting single. I talked with her prior to her album launch about what has happened so far and how she got started.

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