It seems some universities, large and small feel they can increase tuition at the drop of a hat. Of course it all happens for the better good of the whole, but if you are on budget based on loans already taken, it can cause a problem especially if you are a full time student. Students in Santa Monica, California were protesting an increase in some basic courses that would be offered during summer sessions at the tune of about an extra hundred dollars a unit. During the protest some of the students were sprayed with pepper spray by the campus police. I wondered to myself why something like that hasn't happened on the Tech campus, but I am sure there is a reason. Tuition fees are becoming to much to handle for most families and climbing on to the school loan ladder is no small deal either. School administrators want you to believe that regardless of high prices, the attraction to the school will remain, regardless of a football program. What can we do to maintain an affordable college tuition so our kids can go to school here, and not somewhere else?