Lovin', cheatin', and drinkin'. It's time for another "thirsty Thursday" where we take a listen to one of the great drinking songs in country music. It comes from a singer who's career was over by the time this song came out.


John Anderson in the early 70's was playing clubs in Nashville and also working on building the, at the time, the new Grand Ole Opry House.

He had a string of hits in the early to mid 80's that included his signature hit "Swingin'" in 1983. The song was recently re-recorded by LeAnn Rimes.

But by the mid 80's it seemed the hits dried up. Some thought his career was done. He changed labels and was signed by BNA records, which is part of RCA, in 1991.

Anderson's first single for the his new label was "Straight Tequila Night". It went to Number One.

It's one of the great drinkin' songs in country music.