Tarzan, the stage musical, opens January 6th and promises to be an action packed show with lots of acrobatics and dancing. Special teams are brought in to set up the stage and rehearsals are intense, according to Robin Henson, Executive Vice President of Lubbock Moonlight Theater.

"We are very excited about this show," she said."It's going to have lots of flying, and lots of acrobatics, lots of tap dancing gorillas, and a very handsome Tarzan and a beautiful Jane."

She added that to make the show even more exciting, they have raised the orchestra pit, and are putting the orchestra on the back of the stage.

"All of the action will take place at the front of the stage... really...be in the laps of the audience."

An exciting footnote, the music is by Phil Collins, "It's absolutely gorgeous and people will be singing it for weeks to come after they see this show,"  Henson said.

More information is available at LubbockMoonlightMusicals.org and you can purchase tickets through SelectASeat. Tickets are available now!