From his newest song, 'Hey Pretty Girl', you never would have guessed it! But yes, the rising Country star is playing it cool and avoiding the ladies on purpose to stay focused on work. Smart guy!

Kip Moore tells Taste of Country that he's actually avoiding the whole girlfriend/dating thing on purpose.

"I actually stay away from that on purpose right now,” he says. “I’m trying to keep all my focus on one thing.”

Now, Kip Moore's career has EXPLODED over the past months! He's earned his very first ever Gold status song with 'Somethin' Bout a Truck' and is now going to be rocking all over the US on tour with Toby Keith on the 2013 Hammer Down Tour. It won't be long before he is headlining and selling out shows of his own!

Needless to say, if it ain't broke don't fix it! He's on the right track and keeping away from the girls has worked for him so far, why not keep it going!?

Like I said before, though, by his newest song, you'd never guess this to be a true fact. 'Hey Pretty Girl' is a beautiful song and if you haven't heard it or seen the music video, then catch it now! Blake's got it posted for you just below!