We're all hoping that Blake won't leave it at a lyric video and that he'll make an actual music video, but glad he's giving all of our karaoke night's a boost! Watch Blake Shelton's lyric video for his new single, 'Sure Be Cool If You Did'!

YouTube is the medium that artists have nowadays to be able to connect with fans in a way that hasn't ever been done before. With artist pages that you can subscribe to, you can keep up with your favorite Country stars a little easier!

Such was the case with Blake Shelton and his new lyric video for 'Sure Be Cool If You Did'.

Blake isn't the first put out his own lyric video, but it does seem to be a fad catching on with artists. Maybe they saw everyone else making lyric videos for their songs that they all decided to just do their own....?

Either way, it's an excuse for you to be able to sing along and jam out, once again, to Blake's new song!!!!