Sheryl Crow made her Country debut with her first Country single, 'Easy', but get ready to have the entire debut Country album coming soon!

I've said it from the beginning when we first heard 'Easy'- if Sheryl Crows music had come along a decade later, she would've been considered more Country that whole time.

Thanks to the hits and influence of artists like Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, and others have helped re-shape the sound of Country into New Country.

So much for 'what if's'. Sheryl Crow is here with her debut Country album!

‘Feels Like Home’ will hit the streets September 10!

Sheryl Crow ‘Feels Like Home’ Track Listing:

1. ‘Shotgun’
2. ‘Easy’
3. ‘Give It to Me’
4. ‘Drinking’
5. ‘Callin’ Me When I’m Lonely’
6. ‘Waterproof Mascara’
7. ‘Crazy Ain’t Original’
8. ‘Nobody’s Business’
9. ‘Homesick’
10. ‘Homecoming Queen’
11. ‘Best of Times’
12. ‘Stay at Home Mother’