Shania is returning to a colossal stage for her event series in Las Vegas, 'You're Still the One'. To really get the fans involved, she had a singing contest to give her fans a chance to win tickets, free hotel accommodationsl, and some spending cash for the visit.

Shania Twain has taken up a 2 year residency at The Colosseum Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas for her series event, 'You're Still the One'. She is bringing back out all of her biggest hits beginning December 1, 2012!

In an interview, Shania said that, "This is a dream for any recording artist. This is more than an opportunity, it's an exceptional gift."

As a way of saying thanks to her fans and really getting them involved, a singing competition was held to give her fans a chance to see the show!

As a matter of fact, one of the winners is a Texas native!

Madelyn Victoria Vallejo won her chance to see Shania with her submission of her rendition of Shania's (you guessed it!) 'You're Still the One'.  On, Madelyn said, "I have been a fan of Shania since I was about five years old, and would sing her song 'Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under' all the time. I would also watch her music videos and try to imitate the way she would perform. I love her!"

Caesar's Palace has begun teasing the concert series in their TV commercials already, along with Celine Dion's show.  Catch one of their clips below: