Check out the hailstones that were found east of Lubbock, in Slaton and some reported in Floydada as well around 8 p.m. last night. Severe weather also reported after midnight with high winds and rain with what seemed like tornado-like activity southwest of Lubbock. Meteorologist Cary Allen Burgess from KCBD TV reported these on Facebook. He and meteorologist Ron Roberts from KAMC monitored these for the public up until the early morning hours.

Residents of homes and trailers southwest of Lubbock  near FM 1585 fled due to the possibility of being blown away by the weather. Thankfully, that didn't happen.  Severe weather season lasts throughout the spring. We are all encouraged to pay close attention to the weather ourselves, monitor radio and television and get a "weather radio". Also, don't forget to find a safe place in your house, or plan what your family will do in case of an emergency!