Buffalo Springs Lake has 1207 acres inside it's fence lines.  The wildlife here is very diverse including a variety of birds, feral hogs, fox, coyotes, and an abundance of deer.  While Lubbock County has no hunting season for deer, the lake property has both white tail deer and mule deer as well as a few that appear to be cross breeds of the two types.  Many of these deer venture off from the V8 Ranch to the west of Buffalo Springs Lake.

The white tail bunch seems to stay on the south and southeast border of the water district's property where there are taller grasses/weeds to hide in.  The mule deer favor the northern edge with it's canyon walls along the lake's north shore.  We have observed the mule deer going down the canyon to graze and hide among the trees on the isolated areas along the lake's northeast shoreline out of sight.  The white tail scamper away and jump the fence line on the southeast corner next to Ransom Canyon.  A particular interesting feature can be seen in one of the photos of these critters:  "flying deer".  Both white tail and mule deer graze in the area below the dam.

We encourage everyone to come out and walk our hiking trails on the top along the south property and also below the dam to view our wonderful wildlife.