American Idol winner Scotty McCreery has been through a whirlwind of activities since winning. And he's already reflecting about that transition into country music stardom. One 'growth' moment happened during the finale of American Idol when he was to sing "Live Like You Were Dying" with Tim McGraw.

Scotty tells "People," "I was nervous talking to Tim but then once we got to talking, within five minutes he was like a friend or a country dad to me...We were backstage in rehearsal and he was telling me not to change it up. He said he was a fan and he was like, 'This is your show. It's time for you to shine, not me.'

Scotty says Tim told him "Don't change who you are and you should be good." Yeah, he's pretty good. In fact you can judge for yourself. His album, "Clear as Day," comes out Oct. 4. Check this out and you'll see why he won. Here he is at the American Idol finale show.