Avid baseball fan, Scotty McCreery is calling a foul on American Airlines!

The 20-year-old 'American Idol' winner was all set to visit the White House today, along with his favorite World Series-winning team, the Boston Red Sox. But a missing pilot kept him from getting to DC in time.

There's a long-standing tradition for the winners of the World Series to meet the president at the White House on the first day of the next baseball season. And somehow, McCreery managed to score himself a spot on the guest list! But when the country crooner arrived for his early flight, he found out that he beat his plane's pilot to the airport ... and then the pilot just never showed up!

McCreery posted about the whole ordeal on Twitter, sparking a slew of comments and commiserations for his frustrating experience:

When you upset a major country star with over 800,000 Twitter followers, that's a major strike out! American Airlines tried to patch things over in a reply to McCreery's tweets.

But after completely missing out on this once in a lifetime experience, McCreery wasn't about to let the major airline off the hook.

McCreery's dad, Mike, even added his voice to the Twitter tiff with a Tweet expressing his disappointment. He's had a lifelong love for the Sox and is the reason the 'See You Tonight' singer is such a fan himself.

But at the end of the infuriating incident, McCreery remained his positive self and tried to make the best of a bad day by heading out for a game of golf with his dad and a few friends.

This is why we love the always-smiling singer. Even after a day that would make most of us scream in frustration, McCreery is looking on the bright side and moving on -- and probably has plans to charter a private plane the next time he has a date with destiny!