Scotty McCreery has done nothing but soar in country music since winning American Idol and now he heads out on tour with Brad Paisley next year during "The Camobunga! 2012 World Tour". They're due in Lubbock at the United Spirit Arena February 16. And I'm sure there will be some practical jokes along the way just to alter the pace of touring a bit. Scotty told Billboard magazine recently that he's aware of Brad Paisley's love of practical jokes and Scotty will be staying on his toes ready to return fire. "I've got a couple in my back pocket. I've got to think of something good, cause he's very unique with his." They'll have the holidays to think of good ones, as the tour starts January 12 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And I'm betting fans might hear Scotty sing "Walk in the Country" from his debut album, "Clear as Day" that he sang at this week's CMAs. I think this will be a huge hit for him. Check it out.