It is time, once again, for Blake to bring you new music by one of your favorite artists!

Recently, she's been receiving much attention because of the makeup-less photo she posted to Facebook. So much so, that she has now even posted a video about all of the thousands of comments and her reaction to the response from her fans.

But now, there's even more exciting news! It's time to get excited because Sara is back on your radios with new music!

Her new song 'Anywhere' will start playing this afternoon, but if you just can't wait to hear it, don't worry! We've got the audio video for you to listen to.

Now, Sara is by no means an amateur artist. Her seasoned voice has become the favorite of many, but with maturity, some people think their favorites loose their touch.

Give the song a listen to and let us know what you think! Is it different than what you expected or is it classic Sara?