Basking in the success of his recent single, "Let the Cowboy Rock", Ronnie Dunn says being a "Cowboy" means different things to different people. He tells a Tampa Bay station, "cowboy can be a broad term. It doesn't have to be the stereotypical bull rider or steer wrestler, although they're indeed cowboys. Someone said to me awhile back in an interview up east, said, you know, 'So many country singers seem to work hard to fit the mold by acting-out in their song'...Well, it's pretty simple. It's because a lot of us grew up in parts of the country and environments where cowboy was a real part of our world."


Cowboy is a real part of the West Texas area, that's for sure with ranches still having many working cowboys. And of course there's the Dallas Cowboys, which we think year after year after year, we're gonna have a decent season. Wait a minute, that's not the 'cowboy' Ronnie Dunn is referring to in his song and that's a whole new subject. We'll wait a few months on that one.

Here's Ronnie Dunn's latest hit. Since splitting from the Brooks and Dunn duo, he's on another leg of a stellar career.