Three years ago, Rodney Atkins decided he needed to meet his birth mother. He had been adopted as an infant by Allan and Margaret Atkins and never officially met the woman who'd given birth to him. So, as spokesman for the National Adoption Council, Atkins tracked her down. He found that his mother had gotten pregnant on a traumatic first date and decided to put the baby up for adoption when it was born. That would be Rodney. He says when he finally met her he realized it was such a relief for her, because she had been wondering what happened to the child she gave up. He tells USA Today his birth mom is "a wonderful, beautiful lady". His adoptive mother, Margaret, sounds a bit wonderful herself, putting together pictures of Rodney from infancy through his youth to where he is now, just to catch his birth mom up on his life.

During all this catching up, Rodney put out a new album, "Take the Back Road", which title song has skyrocketed to #1. Here's that terrific song.